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Why sell with BETTER Agents

Experience the BETTER™ Way to sell your home

At BETTER Agents we have been providing our clients with the very finest personal service and achieving outstanding sales results in all market conditions. Below are  8 important reasons  why you should sell with us: 

1.  Boutique Agency - Exclusive Dedication and Personalised Solutions
Experience the BETTER Agents boutique feel and personalised and customised solutions. The fact is, not many mainstream agencies will offer alternatives and solutions beyond their prescribed, regular line of business activity. Our flexible models allow us to work with you on your terms. Our ‘one-agent-per-property’ policy  ensures uncompromised flow of information and feedback from your buyers. We create a real estate success for you, taking away the pressure, eliminating anxiety and ensuring the selling of your home is a satisfying experience. Truly a six-star service at no extra cost to you.

2.  Melbourne's Independent Agency
We are the only true Melbourne All Areas real estate agency that is one business. Being independent means that we are free from franchise policies and restrictions and are able to focus on the objectives of our vendors rather than the agendas of market share and corporate budgets. We are free to set our own standards of quality providing you with a six-star service and achieving the price your home deserves.

3.  Real Estate Practice vs Real Estate Business
Would you like your home efficiently marketed and sold for the best price - or simply ‘turned over’ on the production line of a main stream agent. We provide our vendors with a safe and refreshing alternative offering services of a dedicated, hands-on ‘real estate practitioner. There is comfort in knowing that we treat you as a valued client, not 'just another house’ in the corporate numbers game, providing expert skills and knowledge, with that extra effort and care that does not appear on your account.

4.  All Areas Market Reach and Expertise
Most agents are restricted to a limited territory as dictated by their franchise agreement. Those local agents align themselves with the Prevailing Market and let the local valuations dictate the outcome of your sale. Free from any territorial restrictions and armed with lstate-of-the-art property data resources, we develop a broad market expertise and local perspective in any area, and produce sales results eclipsing local valuations. We also have no ‘in-house’ competition resulting from concurrently marketing numerous properties in one area. 

5.  Dollar Cost Effective Marketing
Nowhere is agent’s integrity as important as when it comes to the responsible use of your marketing budget. Needless expenses can cost you opportunity and tens of thousands of dollars. We preserve your marketing investment and optimise the use of your advertising funds, providing cost effective, state-of-the-art marketing options where your marketing dollar work the hardest.

6.  Exceptional Agent Motivation
Our agents are the best incentivised agents in the industry. We pay our Agents high levels of compensation so they can focus on a small, manageable number of properties, having more time to work with your buyers, rather than constantly chase more business. Our agents fight harder for the best price for you as we protects their commission from being compromised.

7.  Ethical Best Practice Agency
Nowhere is trust as important as in property dealings. Through a transparent consultative approach we deliver what we promise and Our Philosophy, Our Vision and Our Mission truly reflect these values. Founded on principles of Best Practice, highest professionalism and genuine care, our company breeds a culture of high performance and has forged a reputation for uncompromised integrity. We are known as trusted reliable agents recognised for doing the right thing and doing it right. We call it a BETTER Way, it is how we achieve great results for our vendors.

8.  Best Trained Expert Negotiators
There is comfort in knowing that you are dealing with the best. Achieving above market prices is not luck. It is a result of the application of top level expertise and superior sales skills over long hours of dedicated effort.  We pride ourselves on our thirst for knowledge, broadening of our skills and being the best trained team in the business and be best equipped to service the needs of our clients. Our documented track record of above market sales results achieved across all property types and price ranges speaks for itself.

If you are serious about seeing your property sold for the best price, please  contact us  for a confidential consultation.