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Experience The Magic Touch

Experience the BETTER Agents Magic Touch

At BETTER Agents we have been providing our clients with the very finest personal service and achieving outstanding sales results in all market conditions.

BETTER Estate Agents is a product of an in depth industry research and driving ambition to make a difference based on traditional timeless values. Founded on industry Best Practice, highest professionalism and genuine care our group breeds culture of high performance and forged a reputation for uncompromised integrity and results eclipsing the local valuations in all araes.

Being independent means that we are free from franchise territorial restrictions and are able to focus on the objectives of our vendors rather than the agenda of corporate budgets. We are free to set our own standards of quality providing you with a six-star service and getting the price your home deservers.

Our specialist real estate Practitioners offer a safe and refreshing alternative  to the 'same all' local agent run-of-the-mill approach. There is  comfort in knowing that we treat you as a valued client not just ‘another vendor’ on a 'production line' or a number in corporate market share games. We provide experience, skills and knowledge with that extra effort and care that does not appear on your account.

Whether you are a property buyer, seller or a landlord you will appreciate the little things we do that make a big difference. At BETTER Agents everything matters.

Best Practice Estate Agents

Best Practice is our Quality Assurance Policy that insists that there is a way, process, skill set, incentive and reward that is more effective than any other technique or approach at delivering a superior outcome and a six star customer experience, and that true success is getting better every day as the only competition is the one with ourselves. True to our name, we live it every day.

Our Philosophy, Vision and Mission

Our Philosophy  is founded on an uncompromised commitment to our vocation and our clients. This paramount principle is instilled throughout the group and upholds the values of integrity, professionalism and the desire to put in the extra effort and time. Nowhere is trust as important as in property dealings. Through transparent consultative approach we deliver what we promise to our clients and accept responsibility for the result of our professional actions. We engage clients and staff in a respectful and ethical manner and choose to work only with those who share our values and live up to our standards.

Our Vision  is to develop and build a real estate service that provides our clients, staff and associates with rewarding and reassuring alternative to the usual mass-production industry practice. We strive to earn the status of trusted real estate professionals recognized for delivering outstanding results and customer service excellence. True to our name we aim to grow by engaging and retaining the most outstanding and ethical industry professionals and providing a safe platform for property dealings that influences respect for the real estate profession.

Our Mission  is to consistently elevate the standard of our work by constantly reaching unprecedented levels of excellence. We pride ourselves on our thirst for knowledge, broadening of our skills and being the best trained team in the business. Through our practice of ongoing and never ending improvement we will be better equipped to serve the needs of our clients and develop better and more effective business practices for our agents.

If you are looking for a BETTER Way to sell your home or investment please  contact us  for a confidential consultation.