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Buying can be scary 

Buying a property may only occur a few times in a lifetime and it is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make. It can involve a significant amount of time, money and emotion. It can be a nightmare of frustration and heartache or it can be the best experience of your life. In any case, it is an important event. 

Finding and purchasing the ideal home or an investment property is a complex, stressful, time and effort intensive task. This full of potential risks and pitfalls process is often difficult to juggle with other, frequently conflicting professional commitments and private priorities.

Naturally, the majority of buyers go for advice directly to the selling agent. The agent however, no matter how friendly, is engaged to act in the best interest of the vendor, not the buyer. In property hunt there is no second prize. It is simply too important not to engage professional help!

Analyze and Clarify Buyers Needs

Whether you know exactly what you want, or you have no idea, a Buyers Advocate will start with assessing your personal situation, preferences and budgets. They will ask you all the obvious questions and some you have never thought of, helping you define your financial ability to purchase. They will tell you if you are being realistic or may advise that you will revise your objectives. During the property search process, as you are made aware of other property options  you may not have thought of, your requirements may change and will be closely monitored. Whether you want a small investment flat or a grand home, the Buyer Advocate will provide a plan for locating the right property, at the right price and in an acceptable time frame.

Locate and Qualify Property

Your Buyer Advocate will start the search using all available methods to locate the property that will best meet your needs and wants. Properties are sourced through the main real estate internet platforms as well as an extensive network of contacts within the real estate industry and privately. This may include properties that have not been publicly listed.
They will prepare a short list and you will only be introduced to properties that meet your criteria and offered inspections at the times that suit you.

Assessment and Property Report

A Buyer Advocate will start the assessment with great in-depth knowledge of the property and the market and disclose all material facts known about the property and any other relevant information that is likely to affect your ability to obtain the right price and terms. They will establish the value of the property, the selling climate of the area and the situation and expectations of the vendor and propose strategies which help you obtain the most advantageous price and terms. The report will include only properties which no doubt will interest you. They may also advise you not to consider certain properties you may be interested in. Many homes that may seem perfect at first sight with some extra insights are simply not right. This alone is incredibly valuable as the cost of making the wrong choice can be financially substantial and emotionally devastating.

Negotiate to Secure the Property

Once the property is approved by you then it is time to buy. The selling agent is a trained and experienced negotiator making it a foreign environment for most buyers. It is important to never reveal your motivation or excitement when buying. There are so many pitfalls in this part of the process; who has got the upper hand, how to bid or make a pre-auction offer. Your Buyers Advocate knows the psychology of negotiation and auction dynamics and in a professional, emotionally detached way they can see through the jargon, ploys and games of the selling agents. 

The previously devised and agreed strategy plus applicable backup plans are put into action in a move to, where possible, secure the property. Upon your successful purchase your Buyer Advocate will provide you with support and assistance from signing of the contracts all the way to settlement, monitoring every detail to minimise any unexpected surprises and ensure the contract and documentation is in order.

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