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Buyers Advocate

Who is a Buyers Advocate?

Buyers Advocates are real estate professionals who engage in assisting buyers in devising and implementing strategies and tactics to successfully acquire a particular or suitable property. They represent buyers best interests throughout the buying process, for which they receive a fee. The cost of a Buyers Advocate professional fees can easily pay for itself as they are trained negotiators acting for the benefit of the buyer. They can often negotiate a better price than the buyers would have been able to. 

Why Use a Buyers Advocate?

Buyers choose to enlist the services of a Buyers Advocate for four main reasons: 

  • They have none or little understanding of the property market
  • They are time poor due to their family, personal and professional commitments
  • They may understand the market but fear making a wrong decision
  • They are terrified of the emotional pressure, anxiety and stress of personal involvement 

The Buyers Advocate can do the important things that you cannot, like maintain your confidentiality, facilitate resources, provide skill and expertise and be professionally engaged but emotionally detached. They will save you days and months of hunting through real estate ads and looking at properties that disappoint, or from being dragged along to auctions which suggest prices that are not realistic. Buyers usually speak to only a few agents. Buyers Advocates speak to them all, discovering the 'hidden' properties that are not publicly listed. 

In summary the Buyers Advocate will:

  • Save your time by searching the market for you with access to the whole market including off market listings
  • Eliminate the stress and frustration of dealing with selling agents and being shown inappropriate and unsuitable properties
  • Provide skill and expertise negotiating the lowest possible price with the selling agent
  • Provide advice that is independent and advise you on tactics and strategies
  • Represent you professionally at all times, knowing your rights and saving you costly mistakes
  • Help you secure that once in a lifetime home
  • Bid on your behalf saving you the anxiety and stress of auction participation

If you require independent advice and professioanl representation with finding and buying your ideal home or investment
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