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Is Your Rental Asset In Good Hands?



Is your Rental Investment Asset in Safe Hands?

Every landlord’s aim is to make managing their investment portfolio as simple as possible, while ensuring and maximising the investment property returns.
The fact is however, many landlords do not receive the best return on their investments.  Whether you are a first time investor, portfolio owner or are considering leasing out your family home, making the right choice of Property Manager can make a big difference and a huge impact on achieving the full potential of your investment.

The Property Management Industry

The sector of property management in Australia is highly fragmented with real estate agencies operating small scale property management businesses, making it difficult to deliver a consistent level of service to property owners and tenants. Landlords needs would frequently be neglected as property management would usually be considered to be a secondary side of the business, primary focus being that of selling properties.
These neglected landlords can benefit from having their investment assets managed by a “hands on” specialist agent, whose sole and primary focus is the landlord’s asset growth and protection.

Specialist Property Manager vs a Real Estate Agent

In all facets of life, let alone property, specialising is the defining difference that matters the most. A specialised property management firm focuses on the landlord's needs as a business priority. Their broad market reach gives you the ability to consolidate your investment property portfolio. A ‘hands on’ specialist property manager works in close consultation with landlords at all times and is committed to achieving the maximum capital growth and rental income return possible. The advanced property management methods and systems, specialised computer software and accounting functions guarantee a consistency of standards and performance which is simply unavailable through local general type real estate agents.

Impact and Benefits of Technology

Specialist online systems and technology platforms can provide real benefits to property owners. They allow owners ongoing access to property details 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where they are in the world. Online access provides straightforward, up to date and accurate information at your fingertips with complete visibility of invoices, statements, full tenancy details and all property documentation.

Skills, Commitment and Dedication

Leading edge technology systems and
smart business processes provide landlords with insight and control, but what really makes fundamental difference is the specialised team of the best people with personalised, ‘hands on’ approach. Those specialist property managers are personally responsible for all areas of your investment including leasing, maintenance and inspections. They build a relationship with you as a long term partnership founded on expert advice, performance and trust. Their high level of skill, commitment and meticulous attention to detail add value to your property investment by providing you with better tenants, paying higher rent and with fewer vacancies.


Rent and Financials

It comes down to what happens after your property has been leased that makes the difference between a good and a great property manager. The timely receipt of rent is of paramount importance to most landlords. With the use of electronic rent payment options, dispersing the rent can be done on the same day the funds are cleared, giving you the funds quicker, saving you interest and improving your investment returns. No less important is timely payment of all accounts including administration of council and water rates, Owners Corporation payments and Landlord Protection Insurance payments and renewals before they become overdue.


Finding New Tenants

Inevitably properties do become vacant, necessitating re-letting. Securing the right tenant at the best possible market rental with a minimum delay should not be done at the expense of the highest standards of tenancy screening and selection. Meeting the prospective tenants and personally showing them through the property as well as
conducting thorough reference and database checks ensures only the most suitable tenants are selected.


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