Better Estate Agents

Sell Your Home BETTER


Selling your home may only occur a few times in your lifetime. There is usually not much opportunity to learn the process and what is important. The sale can be a pleasant and rewarding experience or a nightmare of frustration and disappointment. Not getting the price your home deserves and needless expenses can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. The experience often presents the vendor with a lesson when it is all too late.

Our VENDOR Assist™ program provides vital education regarding all aspects of property sale and explores the most common errors vendors make. It explains how and why the choice of your Estate Agent is the most critical aspect of the success and result of the sale of your home. You may not realise that the criteria you use to select an agent may be flawed or outdated. Our mission is to help you recognise and understand how agents thrive on the vendor’s lack of understanding of the process, and to demonstrate better ways to sell your home. 

Don’t leave it to chance. The single most important step of the selling process is to invest your time in education that will assist you with appointing the right agent on the right terms. Please feel free to  contact us  to arrange a confidential consultation.